High-quality & Innovative

Our Featured Products

We are totally committed by investment to product availability.
We have extensive inventory of steel wire rope, rigging and mooring products.

  • Cable Laid Sling

    • Hand Spliced
    • Flemish-Lock
  • Mooring Equipment

    • Temporary Mooring
    • Permanent Mooring
  • Rigging Equipment

    We don't just provide rigging, we provide solutions

Our Featured Services

In supporting our production service centers, we provide a full range of value added services.
Our services based on adding value and all activites are controlled by work procedures and are driven by both technical ability and safety.

  • Inspection Service

    Franklin inspection service are
    carried out by trained and
    experienced staff.
  • Fabrication Services

    We complement our rigging and
    mooring business with our
    fabrication services.
  • Mooring Service

    A global leading integrated
    solutions provider for temporary
    and permanent moorings.