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SIT Services


We are highly experienced and have carried out high value System Integration Testing (SIT) with a number of International clients who own and operate FPSO. All work is carried out in compliance to work specific procedures and all the tests are complete with reports and supporting photographs. We provide an experienced project team.


Our scope of work has included such SIT projects as follows:


•  Installation of Riser winch ropes

•  Installation of all Mooring Pull-in wires

•  Complete “Site Integration Testing” SIT of all riser

pull-in systems including static and dynamic

load tests

•  Complete “Site Integration testing” SIT of all Mooring

pull-in systems including static and dynamic

load tests up to 400 Tonne


Significant complete SIT Projects include


•  Kizomba A + B

•  Greater Plutonio

•  Usan

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