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We provide onshore/offshore inspection services that relate to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) for loose or fixed lifting equipment. With our wealth of experience. With our wealth of experience we provide inspection services on cable laid slings, heavy lift shackles, spreader bards. We also specialise in Inspection of Anchor Chains, Anchors and all type of mooring jewelry used in Mooring Systems.


Inspection Services include:


•  Visual Inspection

•  Proof Load Testing

•  NDT Inspection

•  E-mag Rope Inspection


Our inspectors carry out inspections in compliance to our work methods (WM)

and our Inspectors have LEEA qualifications.


•  LEEA Part 1 Group 1

•  LEEA Part 1 Group 2

•  LEEA Lifting Gear General

•  LEEA Lifting Machines Manual


All inspections logged into and recorded within Franklin Sharepoint MEMS Certification System. Access to MEMS system to view inspection records is available on line 24/7.

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