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Deck Cargo Barges

We operate a comprehensive range of heavy duty, robust transportation barges to provide logistics support for our mooring and rigging projects. Our barges have the flexibility to be equipped with additional project-specific equipment such as:


•  Winches

•  Hydraulic Power Units

•  Portable offices / accommodation

•  Hydraulic piling hammers

•  Diving support systems

Franklin 10 - Barge set up for chain handling

Sample barge set up for the transportation of mooring chains. The barge is complete with handling aids that includes a chain handling winch.

Franklin 11 - Barge set up for transporting mooring system

The barge has been set up as a transportation and warehouse. The barge is complete with support handling winch.

Franklin 2501 - Barge set up for chain handling

The barge has been set up as an inspection barge for carrying out offshore chain inspection services.

Franklin 3302 - Barge set up for anchor pile and chain handling

The barge set up as a warehouse barge to hold the anchor piles and mooring chains.

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